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About Our District


Mission Statement

Making disciples, growing in faith, serving and glorifying the Heavenly Father

Vision Statement

Be a District that:

  • Is fervent in prayer, promoting unity among all saints

  • Grows together in the love of Christ

  • Fills the air with the fragrance of His knowledge by us in every place

  • Adheres to the vision of COGBF, Inc.

  • Uses technology to train, teach and prepare members for twenty-first century challenges

  • Trains, develops and equips the saints on strategies to win souls for Christ. Maintains a consistent focus on evangelistic efforts on the Tampa Westcoast District and beyond to expand the district territory.

Personal Commitments

​Personal Commitments for each member of Tampa Westcoast District

  1. Be fervent in prayer

  2. Exercise Harmony, Holiness, Humility

  3. Fellowship with one another

  4. Maintain a consistent focus on evangelism; embrace the transformational concept

  5. Be administratively sound on the district and local level

  6. Faithfully support your local church, district and national church with your attendance and finance

  7. Use the COGBF, Inc. Governing Instrument (GI) in all phases of your church operations

  8. Commit to 2nd Century By Faith locally and on the district

  9. Obtain financial freedom

  10. Embrace COGBF, Inc.’s vision

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